Friday, June 28, 2013

2013 Half-Way Point: How Go the Goals?

At the start of 2013, I sent out a few goals.  The half-way point of the years seems like a good time to review how things are going. 

    As of this writing, I have72.9 hours of piloting time (1.5 was in a simulator).  Jeez!  No wonder I don't have time to write. 

    • Fly at least 15 hours at night
    I've actually flown 4.6 hours at night.  Guess I have to be behind somewhere!  
    • Fly at least 70 cross-country hours
    I've logged 43 hours of cross-country time.  I've even managed to see a few new airports - Champaign, IL (KCMI); Boscobel, WI (KOVS); Dubuque, IA (KDBQ), Wood County, OH (1G0), Findlay, OH (KFDY), DuBois, PA (KDUJ), and Lebanon - Warren County, OH (I68) to name the most memorable.  
    • Complete my instrument rating.  
    Mrs. Dr. Flying Shrink is so ready for this to be done, and I am too.  As of this writing, I have completed 61 approaches and have a total of 41.8 hours of instrument time (10.5 actual; 1.5 of the remaining time came in a simulator... you know, it turns out the simulator is pretty darn hard to fly after all).  Things are clicking now, and it's just a matter of doing a bit more tightening.  I've been really working on altitude hold since that is one of things that would result in the pink slip.  My last few flights have been pretty tight.  The written exam is also checked off (93%, which is pretty good but still offends my perfectionistic sensibilities). I can see this being done in the next few weeks.     
    • Complete Complex Endorsement and required transition training in our club's Arrow.

     A few additional milestones. 

    On Saturday 6/22, I crossed 200 hours total piloting time.  As of today, I have 203.9 hours.  Nice. 

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